Heathen Dagger


Heathen Dagger

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The Heathen Dagger is one mean piece of steel. Designed for pure brutal field work, and weighing in at nearly two pounds, this bad boy can dish out, and take a beating.

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 This massive Dagger is made from a piece of steel used as a concrete stake. Praetorian Ventures, improvises everyday items found in a garage or workshop and turns them into beautiful useable weapons.

Keep in mind that the Heathen is a berserker style dagger and does not have a knife edge.

*Due to the popularity of the Heathen Dagger, lead times are two-three weeks.

Dimensions & Materials

  • 8″ Tanto Blade with tool edge
  • 14″ Length 1 1/2″ width 3/8″ thick
  • 1lb 10oz
  • Hand ground edge and Serrations
  • Made from a steel concrete stake



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