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A fusion of consulting, weaponry, services and technology.

Praetorian Ventures, LLC

Our Showcase Offerings

 With big box store consumerism quelling individual expression, Praetorian Ventures rejects the status quo by offering items of distinction. From Americana to Post-Apocalyptic, our offerings share a story as unique as those who procure them. Our American made designs embodie elements of historical, regional and cultural signifigance.        
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The Spear and Shield is an awareness system developed by Praetorian Ventures that focuses on offensive & defensive solutions and tactics for those that want to be more security aware. We provide consulting services in the form of electronic technology, physical security, less than lethal weaponry, blades and edged weapons and a host of other products and services. Perhaps you need a customized Spear and Shield plan for your organization or family? Praetorian Ventures offers intelligent threat reduction services to fit your lifelstyle and budget.
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